We apologize for the inconvenience when there are water/sewer outages.  Unfortunately, these circumstances are typically out of our control when they occur.

There are several reasons why a pipe may break/burst:

  • A change in temperature tends to impact the soil surrounding an underground water line. 
  • Air temperature below freezing causes the ground to freeze, which leads to additional stress on a water pipe. 
  • The same goes when temperatures rise, the ground will shift, once again leading to cracked or broken pipes. 
  • There are also issues with tree roots and other things mother nature may cause that could cause breakage.
  • And the pipes in your particular subdivision were laid in the 1980’s so there are years of these types of temperature changes and ground shifts that are affecting the pipes.

It may take weeks and sometimes months before a homeowner becomes aware that their water line is leaking.  In many cases a leak has occurred below ground level and takes time before actually showing up on the surface.   

Signs you may have a leak in and/or out of your home:

  • ceiling stains
  • rusty pipes, fuse boxes or appliances
  • damaged flooring
  • paint or wallpaper discoloring
  • persistent odors
  • lower water pressure than usual
  • unusual wet areas in landscaping and/or on the ground surface
  • potholes/sinkholes
  • sudden increase in unexplained water usage, water usage that is consistently high and/or climbing for a few billing cycles